We offer a USB-connected LED Big Green Button.

This device connects to your Windows Little Green Button on your desktop and acts as a remote control. You can even set off your alert from a locked PC. In a situation where you are in need of assistance, it will save you having to log on your account first, and there is no scramble to find the mouse.

Simply reach for the green-lit button on your desk, and press it. It will go red to mirror your desktop button and indicate an alert has been sent out to your colleagues.

No configuration is necessary, the USB device will simply connect to any of your free USB ports, and be available to your Little Green Button out of the box. The lead connected is around 1m long, and can be extended using any standard USB extension lead if necessary.

You can connect multiple Big Green Buttons to a single PC to control the same Little Green Button. They will both reflect the status of the service (green/red/yellow) and will independently be able to raise or cancel the alert. By default, the Big Green Button will take on the location of the PC it is attached to, so be aware that if one button raises an alert, a press of the second (or same) button will cancel the alert.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

Optional configuration

To access these settings you may need to launch Little Green Button in Administrator Mode.

Changing the properties of a connected Big Green Button will allow you change its behaviour.

By default, the alert type sent out is 'Assistance Required'. You can change the alert type attached to the Big Green Button by choosing one from the drop down menu.

By default the Big Green Button will use the same location as the computer it is connected to.

Changing this to a different location of the connected PC, would mean that the alert raised from the Big Green Button could show up on the connected PC. If the BGB location is set to a location that falls inside a response group that doesn't alert the location of the connected PC, this would not be the case.

Also note that for the username in this alert, Big Green Button is used, rather than your own set username.

By default you can raise/cancel an alert with a single press of the Big Green Button.

To prevent accidental activation, you can change this to need multiple (3) presses to respond to any input, or configure a long press duration instead.


The Big Green Button is priced per unit, and will be packaged and shipped from our UK office at a flat rate, regardless of order size. Please see below for prices.

£ GBP20.005.00
€ EUR24.006.00
$ USD27.0020.00
$ AUD38.0029.00
$ CAD34.0027.00