This guide will walk you through how to install the Little Green Button mobile app and get it ready to send and receive alerts on your licence.

For a similar guide for Android, please see How to install the Mobile App (Android).

Head to the App Store and find Little Green Button, or use the button below to be redirected to the page.

Click the download icon to install the application.

Once the download is completed, please tap the Open button to start the app, or start the LGB app from the launcher.

The app will launch and you will be presented with the first time setup wizard. Press Next to continue.

Select "Connect to your organisation". Click "Next" and you will then be asked to complete some information.

Please fill out your name and phone number. Both of these will be displayed on alerts that you send out, to help the receiver understand who sent out the alert. Press Next to continue.

You will now be asked to provide a Personal Pin. This is to be used when de-activating raised alerts (this feature can be switched off later, if preferred).

Press Next to continue. 

You will now be asked to either manually enter your Organisation activation code, or scan a QR code, in order to connect to your organisation. 

Your QR code can be found on your Little Green Button Management Site (see below screenshot). Please contact either your internal LGB administrator, or us at LGB support, if access is required. 

Note: You will be asked to allow access to your camera in order to scan the QR code. Little Green Button only uses your camera to scan the code during this activation process.

After completing this section, you will be asked to read and accept the terms, disclaimers and privacy statements. Once ticked, press continue.

If you have any Groups set up, you will now be prompted to select what group you would like to be a part of. You will send and receive alerts based on the configuration that is assigned to this group.  

Note: For more information on how to set up groups, please see here

If you do not have any groups pre-configured, or if you choose to select "No Group", the app will use the device GPS to determine your location. You will need to allow the app access to your location, in your phone settings.

The initial setup of the app is now complete.

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