To view some more detailed technical information about the underlying service for Little Green Button, please follow the steps below. You may be requested to provide this information by our support team to assist in troubleshooting.

Right click the Little Green Button and select the About option

The following window will show

Click the Technical Info button. The below window will show




Running (expected value)

This means that the underlying service is running as expected, and the Little Green Button is ready to send and receive alerts.


The service isn't running. Please ensure that the service is set to automatically start. Troubleshooting: Grey button - Service fails to start



IP Address: Your device's network IP Address

Ports: TCP 999, UDP: 999 (default values)

These are the ports currently in use by the Little Green Button to communicate with other buttons on your network. Please make sure that the Network requirements are in place to allow these communications. These ports can be changed in your management site's Configuration section should the default ports be in use by another application on your network.

Station Id: Your device's unique station ID

This value is used to identify your unique device on the Little Green Button infrastructure. It is based on your device's unique hardware MAC address.

Subnet Id: Your device's subnet IP

This is the subnet that your device is connected to. All buttons on the same subnet will form a group together and will be able to alert each other without the need for an external connection. Buttons on different subnets will be able to link together through our provided bridge servers, provided the Network requirements are met.

Mask bits: Your network's subnet mask bit-length

This is configured by your network settings.



Master: The IP address of the Little Green Button that is designated the Master for this subnet

Or: Me (pinned until hh:mm:ss)

Each subnet will have a Little Green Button assigned a Master. The role of the master is to welcome other Little Green Buttons to the subnet, and inform them of the availability of other Little Green Buttons. Another role of the master is to communicate with the infrastructure in the cloud. It will periodically check for any updated configuration on The MyLGB Little Green Button Management Site, check in with the Licencing server to see if there are any changes made to the licence (for example when a new billing period has come, and the expiry date has changed), and to send and receive alerts between other Master buttons on other subnets through the bridge servers. This is all dependant on the Network requirements being in place.

If a Little Green Button that is assigned the role of Master is powered off or otherwise becomes unavailable, the remaining Little Green Buttons will decide amongst themselves who will take on this role instead. This process is automated and will not require user intervention.



Site ID, Company Name, Expiry Date (YYYYMMDD), (Verified), ZIP/Postal Code, 0, Last configuration update (YYYMMDDHHMMSS), *****, Last update to security value (YYYMMDDHHMMSS) 

The information that is collected from the licence and configuration servers used to ensure your button is connected to the correct licence.



Host: Console of Your Network Hostname

This is the hostname that Little Green Button uses to identify itself to the infrastructure. You can use this hostname to pre-configure your device when Configuring Groups

In a remote desktop/rdp environment, this value will be taken from the user's client.

LogonSessionSID: The ID for your Windows Session

A value generated by Windows LSA that identifies your user's session.

If necessary you can use the buttons at the bottom of this window to copy the entire contents of this window to provide to our support team, or refresh the information.