The Little Green Button writes all activity to the Windows Application Event Log. The following guide will explain how to access and interpret the log.

Open the event viewer

  • Open your Start Menu
  • Type 'event' to start a search
  • Run the Event Viewer app

Navigate to the LGB section

  • On the left side, unfold Applications and Services Logs
  • Find the LGB section and select this

How to interpret the log entries

  • The Event ID will tell you what sort of event happened:
  • X - The PC requesting assistance
    Y - Other PC's

    3 - On X PC assistance required (button pressed)
    4 - X no longer requires assistance (On X PC the button was double clicked to cancel alert)
    5 - On X can see that Y responded to alert
    6 - On Y (other computers), can see that X requested assistance
    7 - On Y can see that X assistance no longer required (as X cancelled it)
    8 - This individual Y PC responded to X

Not all errors and warnings mean there is something amiss. Some are relating to the Little Green Button trying to find a physical button, others are messages to log the service starting