This article will explain how to get to your management site and provide a quick overview of the different sections. The management site allows you to view your contact details, the details of your licence, contact your site administrator, configure in-depth settings for your buttons and view what devices are connected to your licence.

How to get to your management site

You can access your management site by right clickinng on any (activated) Little Green Button and choosing the Licensing  submenu and opening the View/Amend Details option.

Alternatively, you can go into Settings and click on the link found in the Configuration tab.

Your MyLGB management site

Your management site will open in your default browser.

Withiout logging in, your access is limited. The name of your administrator will be shown here.

If you have not yet set up a password for your MyLGB account yet, you are asked to request a password. This will be sent to the registration email.

Once logged on, all the tabs will become active.

The different sections of MyLGB

Licence Details

This is where you change your contact and billing information, payment method, or licence plan.


Generate an activation code for your license, or a QR code to activate a mobile app.


Change your connectivity model, link subnets, change your map provider, set custom network ports and set a preferred version.


You can pre-configure specific response groups. This allows you to direct alerts to only be received by specific groups of buttons and set escalation paths if they don't respond.


This tab will show you information on all devices that have reported in to the licence over the past 28 days.