If a user has turned their computer on and the button is grey, this is likely because the service didn’t start. To check this, right click the Little Green Button, go to About > Technical Info. This will confirm whether the service is currently running.

You can also check the Little Green Button Activity Log to indicate when the service last started. To open the Activity Log, right click Little Green Button and select Activity Log.

In the screenshot below for example, you will see Information at 07:59:40. After double clicking this it displays in the description, Service started: lgbsvc

If you do not find an entry that displays Service started on the applicable date when the computer was turned on, this indicates the service failed to start.

To manually start the service, click the windows Start button and search for services.msc then press enter. Find Little Green Button on the list, highlight it, then right click and select Start.
If necessary and as a temporary solution, the computer can be restarted, although it may encounter the same problem until below steps are implemented.

Automatic Delayed Start

You can set the LGB3 service to Automatic (Delayed Start). This will delay startup of the LGB3 service for 2 minutes after Windows has started.

There are 3 possible ways to implement this.

  1. Click start and type services.msc in the search. Locate Little Green Button on the list, right click and select Properties. Under Startup type, select Automatic (Delayed Start) and press OK

  2. Run the DelayedStart (default 2 mins).reg file. Contact our support who can supply this.
  3. Right click on the Little Green Button and select Exit. Locate the Little Green Button desktop shortcut, hold shift on the keyboard, right click the shortcut and run as Administrator.
    Once running, right click the Little Green Button, go to Settings > Administrator and enable Automatic Delayed Start

Auto Start Delay

Automatic Delayed Start time defaults to 2 minutes. If the user still reports buttons turning grey i.e the service is not starting, the time period can be extended.
However, it will increase the time that ALL delayed services take to startup.

Contact our support who can supply a reg file that automatically adjusts the Automatic Delayed Start time period.

Alternatively, for advanced users this can be implemented manually in the registry, see below.

Add a new DWORD called AutoStartDelay, select the Base as Decimal and enter a value in milliseconds e.g  240000 equals 4 minutes.