Networks, Firewalls, Proxies and Gateways

Installations of Little Green Button use the local area network to communicate with each other. To ensure proper functioning, system administrators should be aware of the following requirements.

Communication inside your network

Communication should be allowed over UDP and TCP protocols. Your network router, network firewall and any personal firewalls must be configured to allow this communication. During installation, Little Green Button automatically configures Windows Firewall (if present) with the necessary exceptions. But if a 3rd party firewall is being used the system administrator must manually create the exceptions, either as application-level exceptions or port-level exceptions.

Firewall exception by application (preferred)

If the 3rd party firewall supports this feature it is preferable to create exceptions for each of the Little Green Button components rather than exceptions for specific ports. The applications that require exceptions are:

  • {programfilesfolder}\Wiggly-Amps\lgb\lgbgui.exe
  • {programfilesfolder}\Wiggly-Amps\lgb\lgbsvc.exe
  • {programfilesfolder}\Wiggly-Amps\lgb\lgbsvcinconsole.exe

Firewall exception by port

Unless otherwise configured the port selection is as follows:

ProtocolDefault PortDefault port if upgraded from version 2.*
UDP999Port setting is migrated from the LGB v2.* settings file (config.ini). Most likely 8080.

Communication outside your network

Little Green Button uses resources hosted at If a proxy server, firewall or gateway prevents access to such resources it must be configured with an exception.

The exception should allow http and https access to * An exception specifying the domain name is preferred but, as an alternative, an exception specifying the following IP addresses will suffice


IP address(es)Ports, 443

Be aware that these resources are required both for

  • logged-on interactive users (running lgbgui.exe) and
  • the Local System account (running the service lgbsvc.exe).