Within the Reports tab of the Little Green Button Management Site, you will find Device reporting. Here you can view detailed information on the devices within your organisation that have "checked in" within the last 28 days.

This can be accessed two ways, either from your main dashboard (as below);

Or via your Reports tab (as below); 

Clicking on either of these links will take you to the below screen; 

Here you can view the details of each device. You can sort by the username, Device name, Location, IP Address, Subnet, Device ID, Software Version, Last Seen and the Platform (Windows/Apple/Android etc). To sort, click the name at the top of the desired section. 

You can also use key words to filter the reports to find specific information. To do this, type the desired words into the "filter" field.

You will also find a button here to click to Export all of the selected information into a CSV file

If you are finding that your devices are not reporting in, please ensure you have the Network Requirements in place.

Click here for information on more features within the Reports section