After changing and publishing new settings on your management site, your buttons can take some time to pick up these settings. To force your Little Green Button to check for any changes to the configuration, please take the following steps.

Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and Right Click your Little Green Button.

Click Fetch latest settings from

This should not produce any errors. If you do see any errors relating to connectivity, please ensure that the Network Requirements are in place.

The Little Green Button will restart itself randomly between 1 and 10 minutes from picking up the new configuration to implement any new settings that have been found. You can manually restart the Little Green Button by choosing Exit in the right click menu and restarting the application from your start menu or desktop shortcut to have these changes be implemented immediately.

Note: Older versions of Little Green Button have a slightly different menu. Please choose Site Configuration > Refresh. Please try to always run the latest version of Little Green Button.