This article will guide you through the process of installing your button.

You can easily install the Little Green Button by finding us on the Microsoft Store. Please click the badge below to be redirected.

A direct link to the latest version of the installer.

Alternatively, please visit the downloads page to obtain the latest version of the installer. In most cases the installer on the left side of the screen is the one you will need. Click the Download button.

Once the download has finished, double click the installer file to start the installation.

The installation will begin. Click 'Next' to proceed.

Click 'Next' to accept the default installation folder, click 'Browse' if you want to change this.

Little Green Button will need around 31MB of free disk space.

The installer now has enough information to start. Please click 'Next' to start the process.

There is a possibility Windows will present you with some security warnings. After all, a program is trying to make changes to your system. Give the installer permission to continue.

After a short installation procedure, the Little Green Button has been installed. Click 'Close' to close the installer. The Little Green Button will be launched automatically.

Setting a location

Upon starting the Little Green Button for the first time, you will be asked to set up a location.

Click 'Add' to add your location. Example: Office 2, Reception Desk, Examination Room.

Use a location name that will be recognised by your colleagues. This is the name that will be shown with an alert. It is important to ensure that the recipient of an alert will know where a situation is ongoing. So do not use your name, but rather the name of the room you are located in.

Optionally you can add a phone number and pick a location on a map.

If your computer is unlikely to change location, tick the 'Don't prompt for location on this computer', so you will not be asked to select your location at startup.

When installing on, for example, a laptop and regularly change location, leave this box unticked. You will then be reminded to update your location every time the Little Green Button starts.

Click 'OK' to accept the settings.

The next step is Activating your Little Green Button