Please follow these steps to activate your button.

Right click your button and choose Licensing, then Activate ...

This will bring up the Licence Wizard

You can choose the first option and input the activation key you received with your signup email**.

If you no longer have your activation email, you can always obtain a new licence activation key from your Management Site.

Copy and paste the licence into the box.

Choose the second option if there are already activated Little Green Buttons on your network. This will bring up a list of all licences found on your network (you would normally only see one licence).

Select your licence.

If you don't have access to your Management Site and no licences show up in the list, even though there are other buttons on the network, please get in touch with us.

There is the possibility you get an error when trying to activate using your activation key, this is most likely because your network configuration is preventing the Little Green Button from connecting to our servers to confirm the licence key. Please ensure requirements outlined in the article Networks, Firewalls, Proxies and Gateways are met.

In situations where connectivity to our servers can not be provided due to security limitations, or your environment is isolated from the Internet, you will have to activate the Little Green Button in your subnet with a licence file. Please follow the steps in Where can I get a licence.dat file? or get in touch with us to provide you with this.

** If you have signed up for a trial before January 2020, this key will no longer be valid, please obtain a new licence activation key from your Management Site.