To access the settings for the mobile app, tap the 3 horizontal lines to open the menu.

Connect Response Group

This will restart the first time launch wizard to activate your Little Green Button on a licence.


Enable location services to allow your phone to automatically pinpoint your location using GPS.

Towards the bottom of the screen, you can enter a description for a location to add to this list. You can add multiple locations for easy access.

Note: Please be aware that setting a location manually will prevent receivers of alerts from using the View Map button to see your GPS location.


If you have any groups configured, this screen will let you select what group you want to be a part of. The configuration on your MyLGB Little Green Button Management Site will dictate where alerts from this group will be sent.

Alert Type

You can set the alert type to one of the presets from here.

Note: You can also swipe up from the main LGB screen to quickly access these presets


This screen will show you some information on your licence, like the Site id, name and expiry date. The two log options at the top are used for troubleshooting by our Support Team.


You can change your details here to amend what username and phone number is sent along with your alerts.

You can also enable/disable the location tracking, the vibration feedback when an alert is received, and whether or not to display information when someone responds to an alert.