For any assistance installing Little Green Button please see the respective Android and iOS guides.

Raising an alert

To be able send an alert, the app will need to be active.

To request assistance, either double-tap the button, or hold it down for a few seconds.

The button will turn red, indicating an alert has been sent out.

As soon as someone responds to the request, the button will briefly turn yellow and show who has responded. It will then revert back to being green, ready to raise another alert if necessary.

Cancelling an alert

If you have accidentally raised an alert, you can cancel this by double-tapping the red button, or holding it down for a few seconds. The button will go back to being green.

Any devices that have received the alert will be notified that the alert has been cancelled, the border on the notification will reflect this by turning yellow.

Note: We do advise that any alerts that have been cancelled are followed up

Receiving an Alert

When you receive an alert, your phone will receive a push notification and display where the alert has originated.

Tapping on this notification will launch the Little Green Button mobile app.

The alert notification will have a red border and will show you:

  • Type of Alert
  • Username
  • Location
  • Phone number

From here you can:

Dismiss the alert to ignore it

Depending on your procedures, you may want to dismiss an alert that has already been responded to, or does not apply to you.

View Map to see where this location is on a map*

Respond to the alert

If you respond to the alert, everyone will be able to see that you have responded to this request. The notification will have a green border to reflect this.

* Note: View Map is only available if the device that sent the alert is using location services to provide the location