The Configuration tab allows you to pre-configure locations for your Windows devices, assign one or more locations to a group, and set escalation paths for alerts coming from these groups.

configure your Little Green Buttons to work across multiple subnets. You can also use this area to configure other global settings for your organisation, such as which map provider to use, or what network ports the clients should use.


For a how-to on setting up groups and pre-configuring your devices, please see our Groups and Escalations Guide




In most cases this connectivity model is the best option. All buttons are connected automatically via bridge servers. Buttons that are on different subnets will be connected and therefore alerts will cross between all buttons. If you are using Little Green Button on Mobile you will need to select this option, alerts can then cross between Mobile and Windows buttons.


If you have buttons on different subnets, alerts can be configured to cross between the subnets by linking them (providing there is a route between them). Each subnet will be joined to other subnets via TCP/UDP protocol. Little Green Button on Mobile will not integrate with these Windows buttons if you select this option.


With this option buttons will only communicate with buttons that are on the same subnet, you will not be able to link subnets. Little Green Button on Mobile will not integrate with these Windows buttons if you select this option. Without the bridge infrastructure being involved, you will see no Alert Reports.

Whilst the functionality of connectivity models are still supported, it is highly advised to use Group Configuration to control which devices receive alerts, rather than 'Classic' or 'Island'.


This will allow you to select what map provider will be used to display the map on location views.

GoogleOpen StreetGoogle SatelliteGoogle Hybrid
Google TerrainOpen Street 4 UWiki MapiaYahoo
BingBing SatelliteBing Hybrid

Publishing your Changes

If you have made any changes to your configuration, you will notice a warning triangle next to the Configuration menu option.

You will have to publish your changes if you want your Little Green Buttons to be able to implement these.

Your Little Green Buttons will automatically pick up the changes within the next 24 hours, or you can prompt your button to collect these new settings by Forcing a configuration update. This will then spread to other buttons on the subnet, so you will have to do this on every subnet separately.