As well as double-clicking on the Little Green Button to activate the panic alarm, you also have the option to configure a combination of keys that should activate the alarm.

To do this, right click on your button and select Settings from the menu:


Go to the Options tab

rightclick_optionsTo configure the key combination you must first select your chosen function key from the drop down list e.g. F6.

If necessary you can tick one or more of the Ctrl, Alt or Shift boxes to stipulate a combination that must be pressed.

rightclick_options_keycomboIn this example the Alt key should be depressed and the F6 key tapped 3 times in quick succession to activate the panic alarm.

The request for assistance can be cancelled by using the same key sequence again.

Please note that setting this feature will override any existing functionality that the key combination has on this computer.

We would strongly advise that all Little Green Buttons are configured with the same key combination to avoid confusion.