The desktop panic button can be moved around your computer screen at any time to prevent it being in your way. Just simply hold down the left button on the mouse and drag the icon wherever you want it.

However, if you do not want the desktop button to be displayed at all, you have the option to hide it.

Right click on your button and select Settings from the menu:


The Little Green Button Settings are divided into tabs, click on the Appearance tab :

settings_appearanceClick the radio button next to ‘in notification area only‘.

Click OK to save any changes made.

Your desktop button will now disappear.

However, the small Little Green Button which can always be found in the System Tray will remain:

systemtrayThis small button works in exactly the same way as your desktop button. So to activate it you would double click on it.

If you decide you want your desktop button back, right click on this small button in the System Tray and select Settings from the menu.