Should you activate the Little Green Button accidentally, you can easily cancel the request for assistance by double clicking again on the button:


Your panic button will immediately revert to being green again.

However, the alert message requesting assistance will already have appeared on other computers, but as soon as the request is cancelled the message will change to reflect this:


The colour of the alert message changes to yellow but still states the location where the button was activated.

You can clear the alert message by clicking on alert_dismissbutton.

We would recommend that cancelled alerts are still followed up by someone. It may be that a user has accidentally cancelled a genuine request for assistance by clicking on their button too many times. It may be that the user is in a threatening situation and it has been noticed that they have activated a panic alarm.

If an emergency is initiated on devices which share the same location name, all buttons with that location name will go red. 

The emergency can be cancelled on any of these devices. However, if you try to cancel the emergency on a device which did not initiate the original request for assistance you will be warned and asked to confirm the test cancellation: