When a Little Green Button is activated, a message alert is displayed on all other computers running the Little Green Button software:


These message alerts display on top of any program currently running and remain on the screen until the user clicks to respond or dismiss the alert. The location of the user is clearly displayed in the white window, a telephone number can also be displayed here too.

An indication of the number of other users available to respond is displayed in the bottom left corner of the alert.


If the Map button is enabled, the user who is requesting assistance has set their location on a map. Click this button to view the map showing your own location (if you have previously set it) and that of the user who has requested assistance:


If you are going to respond to this request for assistance you should click on the Click to respond* button on the red alert.

Your alert message closes immediately.


* The Fire and Lockdown alerts do not have the Click to respond active, as these types of alerts do not warrant a response but rather are a call to action.


As soon as somebody clicks to respond, the button that was activated will change to display a smiley face for a few seconds to let the user know that help is on the way.

It then returns to being green so that it is ready for activation again if necessary.

Meanwhile, all the red alert messages that were displayed on other PCs will immediately change to show that somebody has responded:


The alert message still remains on screen above all programs running but it has changed to a green colour. The number of users who have responded to the alert is clearly displayed in the white window and a log of the responding locations is generated beneath showing the time elapsed.


You can still respond by clicking the Click to respond button or you can now close the alert message by clicking the Dismiss button.