How to activate the panic alarm system

To activate your Little Green Button double click on the button itself:


The button will turn red so that you know it has been successfully activated.

You can raise Different Alert Types if needed. Some alert types have slightly different behaviour with regards to broadcasting and an expectation of a response.

Meanwhile on all other PC’s an alert message will display:


This alert will appear on top of any programmes currently in use. It will remain there until cleared by the user.

Your location is clearly displayed in the white window along with a phone number if you have set this against your location.

You can also configure your location on a map, if you have done this the Map button becomes active and allows users to view your exact location on a map:


The text at the bottom left of the alert message will give an indication of how many users are currently available to respond. This number can alter as buttons leave and join the network.

So how will I know if someone responds?

smileyAs soon as somebody responds to your request for assistance, your button will change to display a smiley face for a few seconds to let you know that help is on the way.

It then returns to being green so that it is ready for activation again if necessary.

What if my button is grey?

greyIf your button is grey there is currently no one available to respond to your request for assistance.

You can still activate the button by double clicking on it.

When should a button be grey?


The button will display an animation to show that it has been activated but there is currently no one available to respond.

Any users who come online subsequently will receive the request for assistance.

notication_nooneavailableA discreet notification will display in the System Tray informing the user that there is currently no one available.