1. Head to the App Store

  2. Search for 'Little Green Button'

  3. Click the download icon to install the application

  4. Repeat these steps for any devices you'd like to install the app on


1. Select ‘I am an existing user’.

2. Input your username and mobile number when prompted. This allows other devices on your license to recognise you when alerts are raised.

3. Next, you will need to connect your mobile device to your Little Green Button license. To do this, you can either 1) scan your QR code, or 2) manually enter your activation key. Both of these are located within your management portal. 

4.To access your management portal, simply right-click on any desktop Little Green Button and select ‘View/amend details’ > ‘Licensing’ from the drop-down menu. This will take you to your portal. Under the ‘Activation’ tab, you will see your unique QR code and activation key.

5. Use your mobile device to scan the QR code, or type in your activation key if you prefer. This will connect your mobile device to your licence.

Customisation: Configuring groups & locations


- Click the menu in the bottom right hand corner of the app. Select ‘Locations’. From here, you can choose to either 1) track your location using the mobile app’s GPS feature or 2) manually input a location name. You can add new locations/toggle between saved locations at any time.

- From the same menu, under the ‘settings’ option, you can also toggle location accuracy. You can choose between ‘low’, ‘medium, and high’.

N.B. - Selecting ‘high’ may impact app performance.


- If you already have groups configured within your LGB management portal, these will show in the mobile app once you have connected to your license. To join a group, head to the menu in the bottom right hand corner again, select ‘Groups’ from the list, and simply click on the group you’d like to join.

Raising and Receiving Alerts

- Alerts on mobile devices will appear as push notifications. Please ensure you enable notifications for LGB within your device settings. 

- To raise an alert, simply double tap the button (just like you would with our desktop app!) As usual, the button will turn red when an alert has been raised, and yellow when it’s been responded to.

- To 
cancel an alert, double tap on the button again.

- To 
respond to an alert, click ‘respond’.

- To 
dismiss an alert from your device, click ‘dismiss’.

Download our handy iOS app PDF user guide below: