In order for the Little Green Button mobile apps to communicate and send alerts to each other, they need to be able to contact our bridge server.

The LGB mobile app will be grey if either there are no other buttons running, or if buttons are unable to communicate with the bridge server.


Little Green Button needs a minimum of two active buttons installed on two devices in order to work correctly. If you've only installed one mobile app, go ahead and install it on another device (whether that be mobile or desktop).

The default connectivity model configured for customers is Standard. This means the bridge server is being utilised. If your organisation has previously changed this, you will need to change it back to Standard for the LGB mobile app to work.

You can do this via your management site. Further details can be found in this article, by clicking here. 

There is also the possibility that a firewall or proxy server on your network is blocking the communication between your installed LGB and our Bridge server. Please click this link to view an article on addresses and ports that need to be allowed.

Send an alert whilst it's grey


If you do have a grey button you can still request assistance, an animation will show that the button has been activated.

Any button subsequently becoming active will receive your request, at this point the button will turn red as normal.