Using the Mobile App

To use Little Green Button Mobile you must have the app running.

Requesting Assistance



Either double touch the Little Green Button or press and hold to trigger the panic alarm, it will turn red to show that it has been activated.


An alert message will be displayed on all PCs/mobile devices configured for the licence that you are connected to. Your button will remain red until someone responds:



As soon as someone responds the mobile button will display a smiley face for a few seconds just to let you know that help is on the way.

It will then revert to the green button ready to be activated again if necessary.







Cancelling a request for assistance

If you have accidentally triggered your Little Green Button or you no longer require assistance, you can easily cancel the request by double-touching the button again or by pressing and holding the red button until it goes green.

As with Little Green Button for Windows, the request for assistance will have already been sent but users will be notified that your request has been cancelled.

Their alert message will change from red to yellow and the text changes to show that it has been cancelled. However, your location and contact telephone number will still be displayed so that the request can be followed up if required:



Receiving a Request for Assistance.

When a request for assistance is received on the mobile, the alert message will be instantly displayed, regardless of the app in use at the time:

alertThe location of the button that has been activated will be displayed along with the telephone number if configured.

The user has three options:

Dismiss – touch to dismiss the alert without responding.

mapView Map – if the button that has requested assistance has been configured with a location on a map then you will be able to view the map by touching this option.

This map will refresh approximately every 5 seconds and will therefore update if the location is changing.

Respond – if you are able to respond to the request for assistance please touch this option. The user requesting assistance whether using mobile or Little Green Button for Windows will be made aware that help is on the way and this alert message will be closed.

An audible alert will accompany this alert message, use your mobile volume controls to adjust the volume used whilst in the app.


If someone else responds the alert message will change to reflect this:


The border colour of the alert message will change to a green colour and the locations that have responded will be displayed along with the time that they responded.

You will still have the same options and can still respond