You must be logged in to your Little Green Button Management Site to access the Configuration tab. Your administrator will be able to log in on the Home tab.

The Configuration tab allows you to configure your Little Green Buttons to work across multiple subnets. You can also use this area to configure other global settings for your organisation, such as a preferred version or alternative ports.

This area is divided into tabs, please note some tabs mentioned below will not be displayed if not applicable to your site’s setup.


Little Green Button can be configured to work across multiple networks and on mobiles also. Whether buttons on different subnets connect with each other or not by default is configured in the Connectivity area:


The current connectivity model in use will be displayed here along with an explanation for this particular model.

If you wish to view the models available or indeed switch to a different model please click management_config_changebutton:


The Connectivity models are displayed with an explanation for each:

All buttons are connected automatically via bridge servers. Buttons that are on different subnets will be connected and therefore alerts will cross between all buttons. If you are using Little Green Button on Android you will need to select this option, alerts can then cross between Android and Windows buttons.

If you have buttons on different subnets, alerts can be configured to cross between the subnets by linking them (providing there is a route between them). Each subnet will be joined to other subnets via TCP/UDP protocol. Little Green Button on Android will not integrate with these Windows buttons if you select this option.

With this option buttons will only communicate with buttons that are on the same subnet, you will not be able to link subnets. Little Green Button on Android will not integrate with these Windows buttons if you select this option.

The model that is currently selected is highlighted in green with a tick alongside its name management_config_connectivitytick

To select an alternative model click on the appropriate button e.g. management_config_connectivitybutton



This tab will only be displayed if you have selected the Classic connectivity model above (it is not applicable for the Standard or Island models).


Your Little Green Buttons can be configured to work across multiple sites/subnets. If you would like your panic alerts to work across more than one site/subnet please follow these instructions:

Any subnets that are picked up automatically will appear in the Unlinked area in red. In the example above two different subnets have been picked up automatically.


If you want to set up your buttons to talk across multiple subnets (e.g. you have a branch site and you want panic alerts to cross the sites) you have two options:

Option 1:  If you install at least one Little Green Button on a PC on a new subnet, and activate it using your activation code, you will notice this new subnet appear automatically in red in the Unlinked area of Subnets.


Option 2: You can add your subnet manually using the management_config_subnets_add new button.

Please only do this if you are confident you know the Subnet ID and Mask Bit to enter. Please see this Online IP Subnet Calculator for help.

When you add a new subnet it will appear in the Unlinked area first.


Drag the subnets you want to link together into the Linked area..



Ensure you click the Save button at the top of the page:


Your Little Green Buttons will automatically pick up the changes within the next 24 hours. However you can force them to pick up the changes immediately if necessary:

On one Little Green Button on each subnet, please hold the Shift key on your keyboard and right click, go to Site Configuration, then click Refresh. This will refresh all of your Little Green Buttons across all networks.


Important: Linked subnets can send and receive panic alerts from each other. Buttons that are within the same subnet as one another will be able to send and receive panic alerts from each other even if the subnet is in the Unlinked area. If you do not want your panic alerts to cross your subnets please leave your subnets in Unlinked.

Note: You will have to use your activation code to activate the first button you install on the new subnet regardless of which option you choose. You will not be able to use the ‘There are other buttons on my network..’ option. You can get your activation code from the Activation tab on your management site.


Find various other configuration options in this section:


Preferred Version


Use this section to set the preferred version of Little Green Button for your organisation. By default this will be set to the latest version at the time that you first signed up for your Little Green Button trial. If you would like to change the version set here, select an alternative from the drop down list. Any user running an older version of the software than that selected here will be notified via a balloon from the System Tray:


The user can click on the balloon pop-up to upgrade to the version specified above.

Note: you will need to be logged in as an administrator to carry out upgrade.

Map Provider

Each Little Green Button can be configured with a map showing the exact location for a button. The type of map that is used by all buttons connecting to this licence can be configured here:


Select your preferred map provider and type from the drop down selection.

Ensure you click management_config_savebutton at the top of the page to save the changes you have made.

Legacy Support


If you have upgraded from version 2 of our Little Green Button software and you are not able to upgrade all of your buttons to version 3, select On from the drop down list to allow interoperability of version 2 and version 3.


Network Ports


If you find that Little Green Button is experiencing a conflict with another application on your network it may be necessary to change the ports which the software uses. You can do this by selecting an alternative TCP or UDP port from the appropriate drop down menu in this section. You’re welcome to contact our support for any queries or help.

Export Settings

You can use the export_button button at the top of the page to save your settings as an XML file. On some networks, Little Green Button may be prevented from fetching the settings file. If this happens you can import this saved XML file to a Little Green Button at your site, these settings will then be distributed to all buttons on the network.

rightclick_settingsTo import the settings you have saved, right click on the button, go to Settings and then select the Configuration tab.


Click the import_buttonbutton, locate and open the XML file that was previously saved.