Administrator options

An administrator can prevent users closing the Little Green Button or accessing certain menu options.

To do this, right click on your button and select Settings from the menu:


Click on the Administrator tab:

settings_adminHere you set the areas and options that your users are allowed access to. You must be signed in as an administrator to change these settings.

rightclick_runasadminIf you are using Windows Vista or above you may need to choose the Run as administrator option which can be seen when right clicking while holding down the Shift key on the program shortcut.

Untick the Users …are allowed to exit the program box if you want to prevent users being able to close the program.

Untick the Users …have full use of the popup menu box if you want to restrict the options that users are able to access when right clicking on their button:

rightclick_restrictedmenuHere you can see that the areas of the menu concerning settings or licensing are greyed out and therefore inaccessible to the user.

If settings need to be changed an administrator would need to log in or run Little Green Button.

settings_admin_locationUse the drop down beneath to configure whether users are allowed to change the location set for Little Green Button.

Select …cannot change the location if they should never be able to change it.

Select …may choose a location from the list if you want to allow them to select an existing location but not create new ones.

Or …may choose a location from the list or type new one if there are to be no restrictions to the user.