Signing up for a new trial

Choose a trial plan here and sign up.

Confirm your choice by choosing 'Proceed to Checkout'.

Fill out your details and click 'Next' to confirm.

Add your billing address, and optionally a different shipping address. Click 'Next' again to confirm.

If applicable please enter your purchase order number here. This will be displayed on your invoice.Again, confirm by clicking 'Next'.

Verify your details and tick the box to indicate you agree to the terms and conditions. Finalize your signup by clicking 'Subscribe'.

Your signup is being processed, wait a few seconds.

Installing the software

The next step is downloading and installing the software. In most cases the installer on the left side of the screen is the one you will need.

Once the download has finished, double click the installer file to start the installation.

The installation will begin. Click 'Next' to proceed.

Click 'Next' to accept the default installation folder, click 'Browse' if you want to change this.

Little Green Button will need around 31MB of free disk space.

The installer now has enough information to start. Please click 'Next' to start the process.

There is a possibility Windows will present you with some security warnings. After all, a program is trying to make changes to your system. Give the installer permission to continue.

After a short installation procedure, the Little Green Button has been installed. Click 'Close' to close the installer. The Little Green Button will be launched automatically.

Setting a location

Upon starting the Little Green Button for the first time, you will be asked to set up a location.

Click 'Add' to add your location. Example: Office 2, Reception Desk, Examination Room.

Use a location name that will be recognised by your colleagues. This is the name that will be shown with an alert. It is important to ensure that the recipient of an alert will know where a situation is ongoing. So do not use your name, but rather the name of the room you are located in.

Optionally you can add a phone number and pick a location on a map.

If your computer is unlikely to change location, tick the 'Don't prompt for location on this computer', so you will not be asked to select your location at startup.

When installing on, for example, a laptop and regularly change location, leave this box unticked. You will then be reminded to update your location every time the Little Green Button starts.

Click 'OK' to accept the settings.

Activating your Little Green Button

There is no licence information found yet, so you are now prompted to activate this device.

Open your email client of choice and locate your welcome email.

Open this email and find your activation code. This is the string of characters after 'Your activation key is:'.

Select this string of text (be careful not to select any extra lines or whitespaces) and right click and select 'Copy'. Alternatively, you can press the key combination 'Ctrl-C' to copy.

Back in the activation wizard, select the first option and paste your activation code by right clicking and selecting 'Paste'. Alternatively, place your cursor in the text field and use the key combination 'Ctrl-V' to paste.

Click 'Next' to verify the activation code.

If the activation key doesn't validate, please compare the code to the code in your email and double check if there is no extra characters or spaces at the beginning or end of the code.

Once your code is verified, you will see the information belonging to this licence. This will correspond with the information you have put in during registration.

Click 'Finish' to accept this licence.

After a few seconds your Little Green Button will accept these settings and make itself known to your network, contact the configuration website and take on any settings dictated by the configuration site. You can receive the below notifications.

Your alert button will not yet be green, as there are no other Little Green Buttons present on your network yet. As soon as additional buttons are installed, all your devices' alert buttons will go green.

Installing additional Little Green Buttons

Follow the same steps to install the Little Green Button on your other devices. When you are presented with the Activation Wizard, you can instead of entering your activation code, opt to scan your network for already activated Little Green Buttons.

Choose the second option in the licence wizard.

Your network will be scanned and any active licences will be shown in the next window. Select your desired licence and choose 'Next' to complete the activation as before.

Both your computers now have a green panic button and are ready to send and receive alerts.